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The below bills that have moved through the Democratic Controlled General Assembly were either were signed into law by Governor Wes Moore, or are expected to be submitted again this year or next.

It is so important to keep an eye on what the Maryland General Assembly is doing. Consider researching these issues further and sharing it with individuals and groups that might have an interest. To quote our National Committee Woman Nicolee Ambrose, "The goal is for you to help educate your fellow Marylanders. Please enlist others to help share and educate, too."

What the General Assembly Did! Issues Summary

The following links were created by the MD GOP Grassroots team. Access, share and use!

A summary of the bills to watch out for that have either passed the General Assembly or are expected to be reintroduced can be found here.

This law prohibits a person, even a properly permitted concealed carry permit holder, from carrying a firearm almost everywhere. The law effectively limits carry to law enforcement officers and military personnel. SB1 was signed into law by Governor Wes Moore and will take effect Oct. 1, 2023.

Your tax dollars will pay for medicine and surgery to sterilize and change the gender of children. This radical new law codifies “gender affirming treatment,” but does not include mental health treatment. Parental notification is not required by this bill. Cosmetic surgery and fertility preservation for trans surgeries was included in the bill, however amendments to provide similar coverage to cancer patients was rejected. This law will take effect Oct. 1, 2023.

This referendum, which will appear on your 2024 ballot, will enshrine late-term abortion UP TO THE POINT OF BIRTH in the Maryland Constitution. This goes far beyond the 1992 law that made Roe v. Wade the standard in Maryland, which allowed termination of pregnancies until 26 weeks. This proposed constitutional amendment allows a woman to “end one’s own pregnancy,” at any time until the moment the child is born. The effort misleads voters calling for undefined “reproductive freedom,” when the reality is unlimited late-term abortion.

The Maryland legislators seek to remove references to God and removes protections for religious freedom. This Bill removes portions of articles 36, 37, and 39 from our Maryland Bill of Rights and removing all references to God in the Maryland Constitution.

In March of 2023, the Maryland House of Delegates voted to make it legal to deliberately infect another person with HIV. The Bill did not pass the Senate, but it will be introduced again.

This Bill would force every county to adopt policies implementing the State’s “Health Education Framework” that introduces topics of explicit sexual activity to Kindergartners and on. This Bill removes requirements for schools to communicate with parents and removes parents’ ability to opt-out their children from health or other subject curriculum. Any county that does not follow this state mandated policy will lose 20% of their state funding. This Bill strips control from elected county school boards, and instead puts control in the hands of unelected State bureaucrats.

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