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Dylan Diggs



Dylan Diggs is an international evaluation expert with a focus on democracy and governance. The son of Eric and Denise Diggs, Dylan was raised in Mount Airy, Maryland from birth, where he graduated from Linganore High School.

Dylan received a Bachelor’s in political science from Johns Hopkins University and a Master’s in Government from Georgetown University, with a focus on democracy and governance. At Georgetown, Dylan met the love of his life, Samira. They married in 2015 and moved back to Ballenger Creek to build a family. Samira now teaches at Linganore, while they have expanded their family to their three sons: Paxton, Damian and Roman. 

While in Ballenger Creek, Dylan joined the Ballenger Creek Meadows HOA. He has served on the board of the Republican Club of Frederick County, including serving as the president in 2021 and 2022. He has also been appointed to a number of county government boards. The first was the Charter Review Commission charged with updating the Frederick County Charter. The most recent has been the County Redistricting Commission where citizens collaborated to draw new lines for the County Council.

In 2021, the Diggs family moved to Adamstown to further grow roots in Frederick County.

Dylan is an evaluation specialist, where he develops and analyzes metrics that determine if government work is conducted efficiently and effectively. He works on issues related to foreign policy and public diplomacy and evaluates the effect of programs seeking to improve governance practices and rights abroad.

Dylan has also been involved in politics since high school and has worked for the McCain-Palin campaign on the Communications team, the Romney-Ryan campaign on international and economic policy planning, and the Bongino Campaign as a grassroots coordinator.

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