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Stephen Barrett


Stephen Barrett has been married to his wife Teri Barrett for 26 years. They have 3 wonderful children and 1 remarkable grandchild. He has lived in Frederick County for nearly 2 decades. A business owner, he founded Stephen Lewis Barrett Contracting in 1985. He and his wife currently oversee the operations of the company. He is also the owner of Carefully Keys, LLC, an alternative fuel company specializing in used cooking oil. In addition, he is a co-trustee of the G. Ellis Charitable Foundation. 


Stephen is a current member of both the Frederick County Central Committee as well as the MDGOP GrassRoots Committee. He is an appointed membership chair of the Frederick County Board of Governors. He was a 2020 alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention. He was also appointed as one of the co-chairs of the 2020 Trump Victory Frederick County Leadership by the MDGOP.

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